Flow-How: How to Choose the Perfect Snowboard

Flow Snowboarding Flow-How: How to Choose the Perfect Snowboard Snowboard guide

Decide which Type of Board you want:

Snowboarding has all types of conditions. Picking a board that suits your style and the conditions that you ride is the first step towards a perfect board.

Park / Freestyle Board

These boards are meant for technical snowboarding. Light and Flexible, these boards are meant for Snowboard Park terrain and skilled riding. Often these boards have plenty of Pop ( Note: Pop is is lift a board receives when flexed to jump). If your style of riding and functionality fits local park mountains, then this is your ideal type of board.

Check out Flow’s Era Snowboard HERE

Backcountry / Freeride Boards

These types of boards are for the adventure enthusiasts. Riders that love backcountry and deep powder prefer these types of boards. These types of boards are meant for long drawn out lines on open mountain faces. They are quick and glide through powdery conditions very easily.

Check out Flow’s Maverick ABT  HERE

All-Terrain Boards

These boards are the happy medium of everything. The perfect balance between response and feel. These types of boards are good for the beginner and all-around snowboarder. They can handle groomed runs, parks, and a bit of backcountry.

Check out Flow’s Blackout ABT HERE

Find the Right Camber:

What is Camber?

Camber is the slight upward curve in the Snowboard where the weight of the rider is not pressing down on the snow. Camber provides great response and feel for the rider, especially on groomed runs or hard snow. There are a few types of Camber:

Traditional Camber

Traditional Camber is quite simple to understand. It is when there is an upward curve directly at the midpoint of the board. The weight from the rider’s feet on either side, causes the camber to flex down and create a connection with the snow. The pressure on the board helps the edge of the snowboard connect with the snow and makes it easier for the rider to turn and maneuver.

Flat Camber

With a Flat Camber, the entire bottom of the board is flat on the snow. This creates even more of a connection of the board to the snow. This Flat Camber provides the rider with a loose feel to the board making it very easy to slide and change direction with very little effort.

Rocker / Reverse Camber

Rocker is the exact opposite of Camber. It is a very slight U-shaped curve in the board. This Reverse Camber resembles that of a skateboard. It provides a looser feel and is great for riding powder and backcountry conditions. Some riders compare the Reverse Camber to floating or gliding, instead of riding.

Camber Mix

This is the most common Camber of all boards. It is a mixture of Camber, Rocker, and Flat Camber all throughout different points of the board. It is the preferred type among most riders and Flow implements mixed Camber in many of their models.

Check out Flow’s Types of Camber HERE


- Flow’s Website provides a way to search through boards based on the rider’s skill and preference of rocker or camber. Check it out HERE

If you have any questions regarding what board is right for you or anything else for that matter, Feel free to shout us out on social media!



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Flow Contributing Artist: Kris Markovich

Flow Snowboarding Contributing Artist- Kris Markovich Art
The name Kris Markovich is always assimilated with dominant street skating. However, he is also an extremely well-known and talented artist. Like his skating, Kris’ art is raw, pure, and an extension of his personality. Kris joined Flow to put his artistic touch on the Verve and Velvet model. Needless to say, the project was a success.

Kris’ Story:

Skateboarding and Art

From his humble beginnings in Florida, Kris was always drawn to things that involved creativity. While his other friends were surfing, Kris chose to skate. This was due mainly to his parents forbidding him to go to the beach without their supervision. Yet Kris made the best out of the situation and was immediately hooked on skateboarding. Kris’ love for art soon followed. Kris viewed art and skateboarding as an extension of his creativity. The two went hand-in-hand as Kris would customize his skate decks with his own artistic expression. Both Art and Skateboarding became the ultimate release of self-expression and creativity for Kris.

Kris and Flow:

Flow’s Contributing Artist Program

When Flow created their Contributing Artist Program, it was a no-brainer to include Kris Markovich. Flow has been a fan of both Kris’ skateboarding and art for years. The style and function of the Verve and Velvet mirrored the style of Kris and his art. The smooth, mellow, and skatey feel of both the models were a perfect match for Kris’ art. The Verve and Velvet are favorites of Flow riders and highly recommended.

- Check out the Flow Verve and Flow Velvet

Kris Markovich is just one of Flow’s Contributing Artists. Check out Flow’s Website to see the other Contributing Artist Models.

Get out on the Mountain!


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FLOW-HOW: How to Travel with your Snowboard

Flow Snowboarding How to travel - Snowboard - Tips to Travel
Snowboarding at your local mountain is awesome, but lets face it, traveling is way better. If you have the opportunity to travel, then you will need to pack effectively and efficiently. Being unprepared to travel can ruin any trip. Flow’s here to help you take the stress out of traveling.

Organization is Key:

Make a Checklist

Making a list always helps. This helps you put all of your thoughts down on paper. This list should have separate sections with items related to each section.

Snowboarding List

This list entails everything that you will need in order to snowboard; boots, gloves, board, etc. Check out Flow’s Snowboard Gear List.

Travel List

This list is just as important as the Snowboard List. This is everything that you need in order to travel. Clothes, passport, money, travel itinerary, plane/train tickets, hotel reservations, etc. Think about every possible thing that you could need on your trip, no detail is too small. That being said, you do not want to overpack. Carrying heavy luggage is no fun.

Tip: Make an extra copy of important documents (i.e. passport, reservations, tickets) in case you misplace them.


Home Away From Home List

While on the road, having something that can keep you entertained, relaxed, and happy is extremely important. There is plenty of down time during travel and keeping yourself entertained is key to avoid going stir crazy. This list is different for each individual, however some items may include a favorite book, an MP3 player, laptop, movies, games, etc. Don’t forget to pack a few of these items in order to keep yourself happy while traveling.

Tip: If you are of age, the airport bar is another fun and exciting way to pass the time traveling.

Protect Your Gear:

Use the Correct Luggage to Keep Your Equipment Safe

Bubble wrap and an average bag won’t work. Your snowboard gear is important to you, so it only makes sense to invest in a proper snowboard travel bag. Travel snowboard bags come in a few different sizes and models. It is important to find one that will fit your board(s) as well as fit the purpose of your travels. For a short day trip, a snowboard sleeve will work perfectly. However, for a longer trip that involves more adventure, a snowboard bag or shuttle will work better. Finding the bag that fits your travels is key to success.

Find a bag that suits your needs here: Flow Travel Bags

Final Preperation:

The last thing that you want to be doing on a snowboard trip is worrying. Eliminate the stress by being prepared with everything that you need for your trip. Plan ahead so that the only thing you need to focus on is having fun and enjoying the experience.

Go Explore!


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Flow Your Roots: The History of Flow’s Speed Entry Binding

History of Flow Snowboarding Speed Entry BindingFlow’s Original Speed Entry Binding Prototype

Every so often, a technology or product can be introduced that challenges the norm and alters any preconceived notions. The 1996 global launch of the Flow Speed Entry binding challenged the way that the snowboard industry looked at binding construction. Innovation has been a key factor to Flow’s success within the snowboarding world. The Speed Entry binding was the first step to propelling Flow into becoming the snowboard company that it is today.

The Mission

Since its very beginnings, Flow has had the mindset of providing the highest quality product for snowboarders, created by snowboarders. Strapping in and out of bindings can be time consuming and a hassle. Flow aims to better this process. The Speed Entry binding started as an idea and launched into a complete product line. The new technology immediately caught on within the snowboard world and it changed the way that snowboarders get in and out of their bindings.

The Process

Flow has always depended on their team of riders for insight and feedback since the start of the company. That ideal still rings true within the Flow company today. There have been many different models of Flow’s Speed Entry binding, and the belief to constantly innovate remains consistent. Flow recently introduced New Active Strap Technology (N.A.S.T.Y) to enhance the ease of use, and is implementing this new feature on more and more models throughout the product-line. This technology is proof of our mindset to never be content. Every year Flow reflects on its products and tries to better them.

Read more about Flow’s New Active Strap Technology Here

The Future

The invention of the Speed Entry binding has helped put Flow on the map. However, Flow is not simply limited to bindings. We have taken that same dedication to quality and innovation and dispersed it across our range of snowboards and boots. The continuous progression of snowboarding and allowing people to have a better and more fun day on the hill is Flow’s primary goal.

More of Flow’s Bindings Here


The constant urge to innovate and make snowboarding better has been imbedded within Flow’s DNA since its origination in 1996. Our mission is simple, to make snowboarding better and more fun. Get out on the mountain and enjoy!


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FLOW-HOW: 10 Things You Need To Start Snowboarding

10 things you need to start snowboarding - how to snowboard - flow

Packing for your day on the mountain can be extremely stressful. Forgetting essential items on the mountain is a common pitfall of snowboarders both skilled and novice. Not having an item as simple as snowboard socks can ruin a perfect day on the mountain. This week’s “Flow-How” will assist you in remembering to pack the essentials and help take the hassle out of this burdensome experience.

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