Julianne O’Neill Wintering In New Zealand

07-28-15 flowsnowboarding-julianneoneill

Julianne O’Neill at Millford Sound, New Zealand Photo by Kevin O’Neill


Flow Snowboarding ambassador Julianne O’Neill and her husband Kevin decided to chase the winter south of the equator and spend our summer (their winter) down in New Zealand. We took the time to check in with O’Neill to see how the New Zealand came together, the FIS competitions she has been competing in, as well as her plans for the rest of the season, before returning home.

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Jed Sky Snowboarding North of the Border

Flow Snowboarding team athlete Jed Sky was north of the border, up Canada way to get some laps in up at Whistler Blackcomb. Check out this video of Jed Sky’s Canadian Summer. Filmed and edited by Seb Judge with Little Wing by thee Jimi Hendrix laying down the soundtrack.

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Snowing on Hawaii in July

07-17-15 FlowSnowboarding-hawaii

Photo via Mauna Kea webcam

Here at Flow Snowboarding, we want to know… July is still considered summer… right? We are asking that because while the whole world was watching Mick Fanning punch a couple great white sharks over the weekend, it was also snowing on the Big Island of Hawaii on the summit of Mauna Kea. The summit of Mauna Kea sits at 13,796 feet. The snowfall wasn’t too substantial, as only 1.5 – 2 inches accumulated per the reports. It was just enough to close the road to the main summit.

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Strong El Niño Building For This Winter

07-15-15 FlowSnowboarding-NOAA-ElNino-latest_sst

Photo via: NOAA

Flow Snowboarding can’t help but play the winter prediction game in the off-season, you could even call it one of our #FlowRituals. The real question we all want to know is… how much snow are we getting this coming winter? For those of us who have been hitting the ocean this summer, you can tell there is something building out there. This past week, our friends at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) had some good news in their ENSO (El Niño Southern Oscillation) Diagnostic Discussion. What they said in their July 9th report was potentially good news for the drought stricken west.

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Tomas Santa Maria Splitboarding in Chile


Flow Snowboarding had a chance to catch up with Tomas Santa Maria down in Chile to see how his start to the winter has been. Even though there was a lot of anticipation for the winter with the existing El Niño, (similar to California this winter) a lot of the Chilean resorts are experiencing pretty dry conditions and have yet to run full operations. Lack of snow at the local resorts didn’t stop Santa Maria from searching for the snow.

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Top 10 #FlowRituals Photos


Summer has begun for the Northern Hemisphere, so Flow Snowboarding wanted to highlight the Top 10 #FlowRituals photos that have been shared by our Flow family. Use the hashtags #FlowSnowboarding #FlowRituals #FindYourFlow and you could be highlighted next month.

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Caleb Bonneville Heads To Bachelor 2015 Edit

Caleb Bonneville, Flow, Flow Snowboarding, Flow Micron, Mt. Bachelor

For Flow Snowboarding Micron Caleb Bonneville, the 2014-15 winter could have used more cowbell. Record lows as far as snow pack in California had Caleb seeking better snow in Oregon. That hunger took him up to Mount Bachelor in search of the soft white stuff. Unfortunately, mother nature sent him rain on his trip instead of snow. Not ideal conditions, shutting down most of the jumps. Caleb made the best of his trip hitting the jibline. Here is the edit from his trip up to the Pacific North West.

Caleb Bonneville

What are your #FlowRituals when the snow melts Are you chasing the snow or turning the page to your summer activities? Flow Snowboarding wants to know your plans for the next couple months. Are you heading to any summer snowboarding camps or chasing the snow to the southern hemisphere? Have you placed your gear in storage and starting to break out the summer toys like your skate, surf and wakeboards? Learn more about #FlowRituals click this link HERE: http://bit.ly/flow-gp-bl-flowrituals


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Storing Your Snowboarding Gear In the Off-Season


For most of us the snow has melted at your local mountains and you are well into your offseason routine or Flow Rituals. If you are not planning on hitting any of the summer camps or chasing the snow up in the Pacific Northwest, Southern Hemisphere or Europe than you need to make sure you store your gear properly so it will be nice and ready come the next winter season. Flow Snowboarding wanted to give you a few tips to make sure your gear is nice and ready for when the lifts start to spin again.

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Cees Wille in Off the Cuff: Dachstein From Postland Theory

Check out Flow Snowboarding global ambassador Cees Wille in the latest edit Off the Cuff: Dachstein from our friends at Postland Theory. Wille has a smooth park edit from their trip to Austria to ride Dachstein. Kas Lemmens, Alex Tank, Jochen Greven and Jesse Augustinus make out the rest of the Postland Theory crew on this video.

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Flow Micron Sophia Capua 2014-2015 Season Edit

Check out 7 year old Flow Snowboarding Micron Sophia Capua’s 2014-2015 season edit. The video was shot at Loveland Ski Resort and Copper Mountain in Colorado. The music is David Guetta & Showtek – Bad ft. Vassy.

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