Flow Snowboarding: Throwback to Shin Biyahima in Wydaho

Here is a great throwback to Flow International Team Rider from Japan, Shin Biyajima as he made a stop in “Wydaho” (the boarder of Wyoming & Idaho) to check out the backcountry scene & Ryan Van Lanen filmed a few shots.

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Digital Marketing Assistant needed to work with FLOW Snowboards in Southern California

flow snowboarding i9media hiring job listing digital marketing assistant san diego southern california
May 8, 2014 //  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA – HIRING: Writer/Social Media Manager needed with some knowledge of the Snowboard industry. A Digital Marketing Agency that works with Flow Snowboards is looking for an online marketing assistant, with an emphasis in writing and community building. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, managing daily editorial, daily social media posts, newsletters, and public relations. Story-telling is a key part of the job, together with the ability to combine words and imagery into a compelling narrative. Continue reading

Flow Snowboarding: Top 5 Snowboarding Movies

It is impossible to be on the mountain 24/7. That is why there is Snowboarding Movies to keep us from going crazy in between sessions. Snowboard movies can serve a magnitude of purposes. They can pump us up before a session, entertain us during downtime, make us wish it was Winter during Summer, as well as many other things. Flow has compiled our own list of the Top 5 Must Watch Snowboarding Movies. They’re in no particular order, just our Top 5.  Continue reading

Flow Snowboarding Rider Profile: Mike Basich

Flow Snowboarding Rider Profile Mike Basich
Mike Basich is as rugged as they come. He is a modern day mountain man. He can update his Instagram while in remote Alaskan Backcountry. All he needs is the bare essentials; his Flow Snowboarding gear, an avalanche kit, and a GoPro. While most of us are dreaming of these adventures, Mike Basich is living it.

BackCountry Exploration

Favorite thing about Backcountry

“Quiet, No tracks, and nobody telling you where to go!”

How has GoPro changed the way you share your snowboarding?

“GoPro has saved my back, I used to haul around a 40 lb backpack, now my pack doesn’t even know there is a camera in it. That’s for sure one of the best parts. Quality with it has been great too in such a small package. I ride with the camera more, I used to set up things a lot on a tripod.”

Snowboard Projects

What can we expect from Mike Basic This year and your Storm Chasers Project?

“For sure working more and more this year to chase the storms. I’ve been building a new rig on a trailer that I am excited to head to Alaska with this spring.”

What other things can we expect?

“Working on getting more creative with filming, been racing as well with what’s left of winter, such a late start. I’m excited to get some deep days in.”
Flow Snowboarding Rider Profile Mike Basich Snowboarder

10 Words With Mike Basich

Backcountry – Please
GoPro – Get-R-Done
Alaska – Springing for Spring
Snowboarding – Sideways
Pow – Dreamy
Flow Snowboarding – Homies
Area 241 – quietrush
Yeti – Playin
Dog – Partner in Crime
Life – Loving it

Connect with Mike:
Twitter: @area241
Instagram: @mikebasich
Facebook: mikeybasich

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FLOW-HOW: How-To Find the Correct Snowboard Stance

FLOW-HOW How-To Find the Correct Snowboard StancePhoto: Egan Gleason
Finding the correct stance on your board is one of the most important factors in snowboarding. A good stance on your board helps with balance, control, and comfort. Flow is here to help you with the necessary steps to finding your correct stance.

Things that you will need:

- Your Snowboard (without the bindings mounted on)
- Your Bindings
- A Tape Measure
- Masking Tape

Find your Stance: Goofy vs. Regular

If you have ever done any type of board sport (i.e. surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding) then you’re in luck! You snowboard the same way, either goofy footed or regular. Goofy footed is with your left foot on the tail side of your board, while regular is with your right foot on the tail side.

You want your strong / dominant foot in the back. Imagine that you are going to kick a soccer ball really hard, Which foot would you use? Chances are, the foot you kick with is you dominant & back foot.

Find the Correct Binding Angle & Width:

Lay your snowboard on a soft carpeted floor. Stand on the board as if you were preparing to ride down the hill. You want an athletic stance where you feel balanced and in control. If your feet are too close together, then you will have little to no balance. If your stance is too wide, then you will be uncomfortable. Find a happy medium. Everyone’s stance is unique, so it is important to find your own stance that works for you.

Once you have found a comfortable width in your stance, take the tape measure and note how far your feet are apart from each other. The next step is finding the correct binding angle. When you snowboard, it is very unlikely to have a completely parallel stance. Most boarders have some sort of duck stance (Duck Stance is a stance with your toes pointed slightly outward). The angle is different for everyone. A common angle is between 10 & 15 degrees on your front foot with zero to 5 degrees on your back foot. Stand on the board with your feet angled to your desire and use the masking tape to mark the angle that your feet are pointing. Each Flow Binding comes with a disc that has marked degrees where you can adjust to your liking. Find your desired angles and prepare to set the bindings up.

Putting it all together:

Use the masking tape that is already marked on your board to match the correct angle with your binding and disc. Put the disc in your Flow Binding with the correct degrees that you have chosen. Then use the tape measure to map out how far you want your stance to be apart. Set the bindings in a correct location then mount them to your board.

-To Learn how to adjust your bindings, Watch Flow’s How-to videos HERE

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Social Media is an amazing phenomenon. We have access to our favorite athletes, companies, and famous personalities at the touch of a button. It is connecting people all over the world and sharing locations that most people would have never known existed. Snowboarders are the ideal people to follow on social media. They travel to amazing locations, meet incredible people, and do awesome things! Flow has compiled their list of 5 snowboarders to keep an eye out for in 2014.

Scotty Lago

Scotty Lago 5 snowboarders to follow on social media
Every cloud has a silver lining. Flow and the rest of the snowboarding world is bummed that we do not get to cheer on our favorite American at Sochi this year. However, everything happens for a reason and we believe that 2014 will be a great year for Scotty. Without the pressure of the Olympics, Scotty will now be able to travel and ride amazing backcountry locations. What does that mean for his social media followers? Amazing photos, videos, and content that we can spend hours watching, re-posting, and drooling over. Expect big things from Mr. Lago in 2014.

Connect with Scotty
Twitter: twitter.com/scottylago
Facebook: facebook.com/lago
Instagram: @scottylago

Tim Humphreys

Tim Humphreys 5 snowboarders to follow on social media
Tim is one of the most up to date snowboarders in the world. With GoPro being one of his sponsors, Tim constantly has a camera on him at all time. He loves editing and posting clips from his sessions and we, as social media followers, get to reap the benefits. Tim’s light-hearted approach to snowboarding and life is a breath of fresh air for social media followers. Tim is also very engaging with his followers on social media. Ask him a question, he’ll respond.

Connect with Tim
Twitter: twitter.com/timjumphreys
Facebook: facebook.com/prohero
Instagram: @timhumphreys

Sarka Pancochova

Sarka Pancochova 5 snowboarders to follow on social media
Sarka is currently in Sochi and when she is not competing, she is riding Russia’s pristine backcountry. Sarka is a very relaxed and happy girl, but when she puts on a contest jersey it is all business. Sarka is definitely a snowboarder to watch in 2014. Follow Sarka to see how she is doing in Sochi and with her travels in general.

-Check out Sarka’s Flow Rider Profile HERE

Connect with Sarka
Twitter: twitter.com/sarkasnow
Facebook: facebook.com/sarkapancochova
Instagram: @sarkasnow

Mike Basich

Mike Basich 5 snowboarders to follow on social media
The term “Off the Grid” doesn’t even begin to describe Mike. This guy is as rugged as they come. He lives and breathes backcountry adventure and has traveled to the most remote places in the world. Mike doesn’t need much to survive. Give him a Flow setup, some food, and a GoPro and he delivers social media gold. Mike’s latest venture is his “Stoked Storm Ready” project where he built a house on a flatbed trailer. He is currently traveling all over North America chasing storms and snow. Mike is definitely worth following on social media.

Connect with Mike
Facebook: facebook.com/mikeybasich
Twitter: twitter.com/area241
Instagram: @mikebasich

Drayden Gardner

Drayden Gardner 5 snowboarders to follow on social media
Drayden is an up and comer in the Snowboarding world. At just 14 years old, he is already making a name for himself. This young world traveler found himself on the podium in both slope style and pipe this year at the Burton European Open. Drayden is constantly documenting his travels on social media and is definitely worth following.

-Check out Drayden’s Flow Rider Profile HERE

Connect with Drayden
Facebook: facebook.com/drayden
Instagram: @draydengardner


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FLOW HOW: How-To Watch the 2014 Sochi Winter Games

Due to Olympic Regulations, we cannot disclose the identity of our Rider – Can you guess who it is?

The 2014 Winter Olympics are on and you might be wondering where and when you can catch all of the action. Not to worry, Flow is here to help you out and inform you about the important facts.

What is the Schedule of Events?

The Winter Games are awesome. It’s pretty fun to watch most of the events, but the event that we care about is Snowboarding!  The Snowboarding events run all week, but here is a brief breakdown of some events:

Men’s Slopestyle Semi Final: Friday Feb. 7, 9:30 PM PST
Men’s Slopestyle Final: Saturday Feb. 8, at 10 PM PST
Women’s Slopestyle Starts: Saturday, Feb. 8, 10:30 PM PST
Men’s Halfpipe Starts: Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2:00 AM PST
Women’s Halfpipe Starts: Wednesday, Feb. 12 2:00 AM PST
Women’s Snowboard Cross Finals: Sunday, Feb 16, 1:15 AM
Men’s Snowboard Cross Finals: Monday, Feb. 17, 1:30 AM PST
Men’s & Women’s Giant Slalom Finals: Tuesday, Feb. 19 1:00 AM PST
Men’s & Women’s Parallel Slalom Finals: Saturday, Feb. 22, 1:15 AM PST

- For the Full list of all Snowboard Qualifiers and other events click HERE

Where can I Watch?

Technology is a wonderful thing. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can download the NBC Live Sports Extra App and watch the Olympics Live! When using this app, you simply have to prove that you pay for cable by inputting your cable subscriber and password. The app has all sorts of cool features and notifies the user when specific events are about to start.

- Check the NBC Sports Extra App HERE

You can always watch the Olympics on television on NBC. However, there will most likely be a tape delay depending on where you live.

Who should I look out for?

The Winter games have amazing snowboarders from all over the world, so it shouldn’t be hard to find some talent. However, keep an eye out for Flow’s rider representing the women’s Czech Republic team. She absolutely dominated in the women’s slopestyle qualifiers and is one to watch throughout the whole games.

-Check out her Profile HERE

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