Flow Rush Snowboard & NX2 Bindings – Gadgets & Gear (SIA 2014)

In the video above, Greg Elliot from Vail’s TV8 show Gadgets & Gear spoke with Flow Snowboarding’s Dale Rehberg about the NX2 bindings and Rush snowboard. This was shot at the 2014 SnowSports Industries America (SIA) tradeshow in Denver, CO.

Have you tried out the yet NX2 bindings or the Rush snowboard? We would love to hear your feedback on both the NX2′s and the Rush. Reach out to us at Flow Snowboarding via Social Media and hashtag #FlowSnowboarding.

Getting to Know Your Flow Fusion PowerStrap

The Fusion PowerStrap foot-strap is 3D-shaped so it can fuse the ankle & toe zones over the mid-foot and is padded for a super comfortable form fit. In this quick video we show you how to properly set up your Fusion foot-straps with your Flow Bindings. Make sure you set your bindings up before you go riding, put your boots on, strap in and jump around on the carpet to make sure it feels good!

The FusionStrap is featured on Flow NX2, Fuse, ISIS, Five and Minx bindings.

Have you tried Flow’s FusionStrap yet? Let us know what you think about the FusionStrap technology at Flow Snowboarding via Social Media and hashtag #FlowSnowboarding to let us know.

Through Shin Biyajima’s Eyes

During the summer months, Flow Snowboarding Team Athlete Shin Biyajima does a lot to keep fit by cross training for the winter season. We had a moment to catch up with Biyajima in Japan to see how his winter went and how his summer is coming along. Pretty much catching a glimpse of the world through Biyajima’s eyes.

What would you consider you home ski resort to be?

The Hakuba area here in Nagano, Japan. But I like to chase the snow.

What kind of music do you ride to on your ipod or phone?

I listen to my friend’s band, rap and DJ mixes from Japan. I am so wide open with my music selection. Bassnectar to Tommy Guerrero. Acoustic, country dubstep, D’n’B, house, hip hop, Japanese, reggae and even techno. Not too much trance, though…

Where was your favorite place to travel to… not related to snowboarding?

I have never traveled without snowboarding… Oh wait… Saipan and Vietnam. I also like the south part of Japan.

What type of cross training do you do over the summer months in order to remain in shape for the upcoming winter?

I love to do a lot of activities like bouldering, mountain biking and skateboarding. I am also on a soccer team called ‘God Hands.’ It is gathering of snowboarder friends. I do a lot of core training and stretching to help my body and protect myself from getting a sore back.

Soccer team of snowboarders? Nice… Did you catch any of the FIFA World Cup soccer matches this summer?

Japan did not do too well, but I was really cheering for Costa Rica. I liked their vibe and the way they played soccer.

What was your favorite memory from last winter season?

We had epic powder in Japan. Traveling around United States was such a good time…and of course, so was hanging with the Flow Snowboarding team in Colorado.

Where are you looking forward to riding next year?

Japan, Lake Tahoe, Jackson Hole, Colorado and Washington, Canada, Alaska, Europe, South America… Anywhere it snows!

Describe your Apres Ski activities. What does Shin do to unwind after a day on the mountain?

Onsen… for sure. It is a natural hot spa. I go almost every time after riding when I’m in Japan. I like to chill and sometimes make Sushi. Checking footage from the day and well… CrackBook. Then I stretch, eat and then sleep. I sleep deep.

Do you have ideas or things you would want to try this winter?

I want to create a unique terrain park in the mountains. A little bit like Red Bull’s Ultra Natural, but more jibbing. Easier set ups for everyone and do some kind of riding party where we could all share the happiness of being in the snowy mountains… and I want to build a mountain lodge like Mike Basich has. An Area-241 in Japan.

Anything else you’d like to say to the Flow Snowboarding supporters?

We never know how long winter will be. Let’s go snowboarding before Mother Earth melts. Snow is AMAZING!

Shin Biyajima keeps up his fitness during the summer months. What are you doing this summer to cross train? Biking, hiking, skating, surfing, SUPing? Or better yet… are you still chasing the snow and snowboarding? Please share with us what you are doing over the summer by connecting with us at Flow Snowboarding via Social Media and hashtag #FlowSnowboarding.

Definition: Snowboarding – A Feature Film From Matt Devino

Flow Snowboarding, Snowboarding, Tim Humphreys, Definition: Snowboarding, Matt Devino, Snowboarding Film

Remember when half pipes looked like this? Flow Snowboarding Team Athlete Tim Humphreys hand planting in an old school half pipe

Are you excited for Definition: Snowboarding, the upcoming feature length documentary film from filmmaker Matt Devino?

We here at FlowSnowboarding are backing this flick. You’ll see a few of our friends from Flow like Scotty Lago and Tim Humphreys.

DEFINITION: SNOWBOARDING. This is a documentary film project exploring the definition of snowboarding from the perspective of those who live it. They would like to invite the entire industry to be a part of this exploration, and to help show the world just how amazing snowboarding truly is.

“I’m really excited to have the backing of Flow for the project,” said Mike Devino “They have an amazing team and everyone at the company loves snowboarding, which is what this film is really all about. The film is sure to be even better with their support.”

“Matt Devino is reaching out and making a difference,” said Dale Rehberg of Flow Snowboards. “Gotta love the passion… it’s all about expression!”

Definition: Snowboarding is two year project to be released in the Fall of 2015. It will include dozens of interviews and document all aspects of riding and the lifestyle that encompasses it. Interviews will be shot over the course of 2014, and exclusive riding footage will be shot during the winter of 2014/2015. Here’s the teaser trailer below. So looking forward to this film.

For more information on the film Definition: Snowboarding please visit:

For more information on filmmaker Matt Devino please visit:

Flow Snowboarding is stoked for this film. It speaks the common thread within snowboarding that ties us all together. Let us know what you think of the film trailer on Social media.

Flow Snowboarding

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Flow’s Jay Gretzinger Video From British Columbia

Check out Jason Gretzinger’s Video edit from three powder covered areas in British Columbia: Revelstoke, Whistler and Nelson.


“No where else was really getting snow in BC but Revy had ‘chest’ deep blower.” – Gretzinger

Riders: David Craig, Phillip Mossenger, Wiley Tesseoc and Jason Gretziner.

Whistler, BC

“We stayed in a cabin for 2 nights called The Zen Zone. We had wicked conditions and good snow.” – Gretzinger

Riders: Jay Gretzinger, David Craig (Sled)

Nelson, BC (Gretzinger’s Home)

“Chance Jensen and Charlie Dale were like kids in a candy shop because the terrain of pillows and tree riding isn’t really there in the Alberta Rockies.” -Gretzinger

A special thank you to all the sponsors who made this possible. FlowSnowboarding, 686, Dakine, Spy, Populess Clothing, Fall4Films, Nuulife Cinema and Freeride Boardshop.

Did Gretzinger’s edit give you a jonesing for powder now? Blame Canada! You can stay up to date with Flow Snowboarding and all of our team riders by connecting with us on Social Media!

Jason Gretzinger Flow Snowboarding Team Athlete

Flow Snowboarding

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Summer Snowboarding: The Cure For The Summertime Blues (North America)

MtHood Nathan Jacobson FlowSnowboarding Flow Snowboarding Summer

You have noticed the next set of storms are coming in but the temperatures are a lot warmer than you would prefer. The chairs have stopped spinning quite a bit ago at your local resort and the corn snow has all but melted away. Before you pack your Flow Snowboarding gear into hibernation for the summer, there are still a few places you can still take a road trip to slide down the snow. Flow takes a look at some of the more popular destinations for us snowboarding refugees, still looking to extend their riding season a little bit longer or even dial in a few more tricks into the bag in the off season. Whistler BlackcombMount Hood, and the Woodward Camps are excellent summer snowboarding camp options if you want to stay in North America to snowboard.

Whistler Blackcomb: North of the Border, Up Canada Way

Whistler Blackcomb will be operating their popular Summer Glacier Camps from June 21- June 27th. Whistler Blackcomb’s Summer Glacier has olympic-sized half-pipes, mogul lanes, terrain park features and multiple camps to choose from. www.whistlerblackcomb.com

  • The Camp of Champions summer snowboard/ski camp is home to the world’s largest private terrain park designed and maintained by Arena Snowparks, the leading terrain park design company with parks featured at world class events, including the Olympics, and ski resorts globally.

Mt. Hood: Everybody Gets Better Here Mount Hood, Oregon

If Canada is too far to slide down snow for you, Mount Hood is always a popular destination for snow addicted riders. Flow Snowboarding team riders Tim Humphreys and Nathan Jacobson spend a lot of time at Mount Hood during . The Palmer Glacier has been home to Ski & Snowboard camps for over 35 years. Mount Hood offers on-snow training in snowboard freeride and terrain park and racing. Mount Hood’s motto is: “Everybody gets better here.”

The Woodward Way: Woodward Camps

Woodward is designed as an action sports training ground. Woodward camps strive to provide the absolute best facilities in the world, which attract campers and the top pros from around the globe each and every summer and winter. There are three Woodward locations across the US that specialize in off season winter training.

  • At Woodward Copper, you can ride Copper Mountain, CO’s summer version of the Central terrain park in the morning, session the Barn in the afternoon and evening. Those in the know are well aware that Coppper Mountain recieved over 350″ of snow this season. They are breaking out the 13′ pipe cutter to create 13′ quarter pipes and halfpipes this summer.
  • Woodward Tahoe located in Truckee, CA is a park riders dream. The terrain park, pipe, full jump-line and multiple jibs lines are all lift accessed. Camps start June 15th and are scheduled through August 9th.
  • Camp Woodward in Woodward, PA gives the East Coasters a place for off season winter training. This program uses Woodward’s extensive facilities to improve aerial awareness, balance, flexibility, and strength in a unique dryland environment. Camp Woodward has helped train members of the U.S. National Snowboard team and the USASA.

Don’t put your gear in storage, there’s snowboarding to do. What summer snowboarding trips are you now planning for? Feel free to share with us at Flow Snowboarding by connecting with us on Social Media!

Nathan Jacobson Flow Snowboarding Team Athlete

Tim Humphreys Flow Snowboarding Team Athlete

Flow Snowboarding

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Flow Snowboarding Snow Report: The Polar Vortex

Snow Report flow snowboarding polar vortex
Although some places in North America have not had the best start to winter, the outlook is changing. Developing now is what some meteorologists call the “Polar Vortex”, which could result in one of the coldest winters North America has seen in quite some time. But this is a snowboard blog! All we care about is where is the snow and when can I go? – Not to worry, we are here to help.

What is the Polar Vortex doing?

There is an extreme cold front moving from the east coast of North America to the west. This cold air is pushing through the land causing very low temperatures. Quite often, low temperatures = snow. Currently this cold weather is located in the midwest moving east and snow is surely to follow.

Will there be snow on my mountain?

Unless you live on the mountain itself, it can be difficult to tell if there is snow on your local mountain and if it is even open. To check the snow reports and mountain hours, it is best to refer to a snow report website. At these websites, you can check the snow report by region and also see what mountains are open. These sites are a great way to plan and prepare for your trip to the mountains.

Here are some Snow Report Websites:

It sounds cold, What do I need?

This colder weather means having the essentials. Making sure you have layers and warm socks is key. Luckily, Flow has checklist of everything you need in order to have an awesome time on the mountain.

-Check our Flow-How post: 10 Things You Need to Snowboard

Weather can be very unpredictable, so be sure to take advantage of this storm and its snow. Get your gear and get out on the mountain!


-Come join us at Flow!


Top 10 North American Family Snowboard Resorts
The snow season is upon us and getting to the mountain is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family. Snowboarding is all about having fun and sharing experiences. Flow has broken down the top 10 family resorts in North America.

Whistler Blackcomb, Whistler, B.C.

Simply saying the word “Whistler” is fun, How could this mountain not be a blast? Whistler has a huge reputation as a premier family destination and it lives up to it every year. Whistler offers amazing on-mountain dining with spectacular views that the whole family can enjoy. An abundance of recreational activities and laid-back family environment puts Whistler Blackcomb on our list.

Whistler Blackcomb: www.whistlerblackcomb.com

North Star, Tahoe, CA

North Star is an amazing family experience. Located in Lake Tahoe, North Star provides an array of slopes from the most novice snowboarder all the way to advanced runs and parks. This resort provides upscale shopping, dining, and lodging all within the vicinity of the mountain. Beautiful views and a fun, family vibe await you at North Star!

North Star: www.northstarcalifornia.com

Vail, Vail, CO

Vail Mountain is a destination that you and your family have to visit. Vail offers 5,289 acres of diverse terrain to fit each snowboarder’s preference. Vail is suitable for all ages offering a “Kid’s Adventure Zone” as well as a terrain park. Vail is a perfect getaway for the family.

Vail: www.vail.com

Steamboat, Steamboat Springs, CO

Steamboat offers western hospitality at its best. Their wholesome, family vibe is second to none. Steamboat is a great location to get away from the daily grind and simply relax with the family. Steamboat is a place that you and your family will never forget.

Steamboat: www.steamboat.com

Lutsen Mountain, MN

Located near Lake Superior, Lutsen Mountain provides a perfect place for the adventurous family to explore beautiful trails and experience the Great Lakes. It seems there is a postcard picture everywhere that you look in Lutsen. Lutsen Mountain is a perfect family vacation destination.

Lutsen Mountain: www.lutsen.com

Brighton Resort, Brighton, UT

Brighton is just plain fun. Along with great slopes, there is always something going on around the mountain. From snow sculpting contest to night skiing, Brighton makes sure that you and your family are entertained. This mellow paced resort is perfect to relax with the family.

Check out the snow sculptures Here!
Brighton Resort: www.brightonresort.com

Park City Mountain Resort, Park City, UT

Park City has been a staple in North American snow resorts for 50 years! That must mean they’re doing something right. This prestigious resort provides an array of activities for the whole family. Park City should be on every family’s list of places to go.

Park City Mountain Resort: www.parkcitymountain.com

Smuggler’s Notch, VT

Smuggler’s Notch is a staple in family vacation destinations. Their entire emphasis as a resort is family fun. Smuggler’s provides a perfect backdrop for family time as well as children programs to provide a break for parents. Smuggler’s Notch is one of the best resorts in the east.

Smuggler’s Notch: www.smuggs.com

Stratton Mountain, VT

Stratton is an awesome place with some serious snowboarding roots! With amazing restaurants, spas, and events, it is hard to find time to go snowboarding. Nevertheless, Stratton still offers world-class trails and parks that the whole family can enjoy.

Stratton Mountain: www.stratton.com

Jackson Hole, Teton Village, WY

Jackson Hole is a place that everyone in the family can enjoy. Children, parents, and grandparents love the beautiful scenery and family friendly activities. Jackson Hole employs a large pool of skilled skiers and snowboarders that can teach you and your family the fundamentals of going down the mountain. A perfect mix of outdoor activities and family fun attractions, Jackson Hole is a favorite of Flow.

Jackson Hole: www.jacksonhole.com


These are just a few of the great resorts in North America that you and your family can experience. Snowboarding with your family is a great way to spend quality time and create lifelong memories. Get out there and have fun!


-Come join us and Flow The Feeling!