The Mission-

Waking up on those special days to the sounds of avy control bombs going off is the best alarm clock you can have. Getting ready in your living room while the coffee is brewing, watching your favorite shred flick before you head out, shoveling out your car from all the fresh snow, or scraping the windows. These are all part of your early morning ritual to get first chair. Meeting your crew at the chair, whether you are 1st or 50th, gives you time to chat about the day ahead. The first chairlift of the day is spent talking about the lines you’re going to ride, or the hits you will blast. Off the lift and the shred is on. Ripping down the cat track to your “secret” drop spot. Noticing no one has hit your stash, you blast into the abyss for your first taste of the untracked. Riding your favorite lines and hitting the biggest booters until your body can take no more, then meeting your crew at the end of the day to talk stories. This is your day.

Everything you experienced is what makes snowboarding so fun. You live for it, and regardless of all the little roadblocks that you go through, you get pumped for it. It’s all part of the Mission.


- Find your mission!!

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