Active Strap Technology

Core Technology

These are the three fundamentals that make
Flow bindings an industry leader.

The Original Reclining Hiback

The fully flat reclining hiback is a pivotal part for the fastest SpeedEntry.

Power Triangle

The steel cable creates a structural triangular geometry for optimal energy transfer from hiback to baseplate.


These straps cover a larger area of your mid-foot and connect the ankle and toe zones, for a more convenient, comfortable and more powerful riding experience.


Giving you more feel and optimal performance, the unique Flow PowerStraps cover a larger area of the foot especially your critical mid-foot zone. PowerStraps don't need to be cranked down which avoids cramping, fatigue and cold toes while transferring more power directly to your board edges. They also keep a stable position for true SpeedEntry convenience.

Fusion PowerStrap

The FUSION PowerStrap is 3D-shaped, fuses the ankle and toe zones over the midfoot, and is padded for a super confortable form-fit to your boot. This PowerStrap provides maximum support and energy transmission.

Hybrid Power CapStrap

The HYBRID PowerCapStrap is a revolutionary hybrid between Flow's SpeedEntry convenience and conventional 2-strap SideEntry, merging the best of both. The toe cap delivers a perfect fit every time.

Exo-Fit PowerStrap

The EXO-FIT PowerStrap features an exoskeleton support-frame that wraps the 3D-shaped EVA and form fits perfectly to your boot while providing great ankle support and energy transmission.


 Set-it and Forget-it!  All Flow buckles lock 2-ways! Truly a hassle free SpeedEntry experience. Fine tune your bindings only once and then be on your way.

LSR Buckles

These innovative LockingSlapRatchet-buckles give you the option to easily get in and out of your bindings any which way you like, whether SpeedEntry or SideEntry.

Mini Ratchet Buckles

Precisely fit your PowerStrap to your boot and micro-adjust on the fly if needed. Simply pull the lightweight Airframe-lever and lock it down to secure your preferred strap tightness.

Quick Set Buckles

Adjust your straps on the medial side to fit your boot. Easy, secure and the convenient numbers on the ladderstraps help you dial in your setting.


Flow hibacks fully recline so you can get in and out of a Flow binding faster and with no hassle or sitting down. The PowerTriangle cable efficiently picks up the energy from the hiback and directs it into the baseplate.

Uni-Back Hiback

Lightweight 1-piece hibacks that fully recline for easy SpeedEntry & Exit and the comfortable EVA takes the pressure off your legs.

Mod-Back Hiback

The modular hibacks separate the lower and upper zones for targeted strength,support, and flex where you need it. On the NX2, Fuse, and ISIS series, the lower zone also automatically triggers N.A.S.T.Y.

Support Panel Tweak Factor

The upper zone of the ModBacks use independently adjustable SupportPanels with model-specific "Tweak-Factor" flexes and anatomical shapes, to deliver fine-tuned performance and flex. A lower factor = softer feel, while a higher factor = overall more supportive.

Base Technology

All of Flows baseplates are uniquely engineered to transmit energy directly to the board without loss of efficiency or natural board feel.

Rockered Baseplate

Engineered to transmit energy directly to the board without loss of efficiency. The minimized contact area with the board, channels your power where it needs to go, while the rocker corners of the baseplate allow any type of board to maintain optimal flex. Offered on ALL Flow binding models.


BankBeds are full-length EVA-footbeds with 2.5º canting for optimized fit, support, and energy transfer. Featured on the NX2, Fuse, and ISIS series.

OC Kush

OC-Kush cushioning dampens landings and absorbs chatter. Featured on the NX2 series in the OC-Kush basepad, which fits perfectly to the rockered baseplate shape for efficient energy transfer. Some NX2 and Fuse series models feature OC-Kush toe and heel impact inserts for additional comfort.